Here’s what Dr. Green’s patients are saying:

( *Results may vary from person to person. )

 I have found Dr. Green to be both professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate his genuine concern for my health and well-being; as well as, his compassion for my situation. I like the way Dr. Green considers what traditional Western Medicine says and informs me as to how an issue is looked at in Chinese Medicine. Dr. Green is gentle when applying the needles and is concerned for my comfort during the process. Dr. Green has treated me for numerous conditions and when I’m stressed out or hurting all over, it’s Dr. Green that I want to see.

– Penny *

Wonderful Doc‎‎…I didn’t know much about acupuncture. I called and spoke with Dr. Green before going to his office. He was very nice and answered every question I had. I was sold and went to his office the next day. Everyone there made me feel so comfortable.‎

– Ann *

Finally – pain relief !!! I have had more back problems than I can list… and only Dr Green was able to finally stop the pain! I was a skeptic about Acupuncture, but Dr Green’s personable nature really put me at ease, and then – the pain relief spoke for itself !!! Thank you Dr Green – I will see you on Wednesday! 🙂

– Patricia*

Thanks again! He has been the first person in a long journey who has been able to give me physical relief. I would HIGHLY recommend David Green.

– Andrew*


Dr. Green treated me for two different issues with success. First, I would experience a painful strain in my chest and back that would radiate all the way down to my legs when ever I would have a cold. Every general practitioner I have seen in the past regarding this stated that it was normal and nothing to worry about! That worried me because it was so painful that I thought how could this be normal. Although I was seeing Dr. Green for very sharp back pain which he was able to treat sucessfully, I only mentioned this painful strain to him once. So he proceeded to alter my treatment for that session to also address the painful strain. I honeslty have never felt that strain from the one session that he treated it. It is so comforting to know that I haven’t had that painful strain in well over a year. Dr. Green is an excellent listener and takes his time to address your concerns. I always recommend friends and family to Dr. Green for any pain related issues. I have received relief from back, neck, knee, and hip pain. Thanks Dr. Green!

– Tahmar*

As a fellow student and than as a colleague and friend I have known Dr David Green for well over 5 years. In that time he has impressed many with his strong work ethic, his dedication and passion for his craft, and his caring nature for all those that he treats. I know many acupuncturists from Palm Beach to Dade County yet there are only a select few that I would feel confident receiving treatment from or referring a patient to. David Green is at the top of this list. He’s knowledgeable, compassionate and most importantly, extremely competent. I have known many patients that have benefited from his touch. There should be more practitioners like him.

-Dr. Robert Herbst, AP, DOM
Acupuncture Physician*