After more than 2,000 years of practice in China, acupuncture has become increasingly prevalent in the United States. A 1999 study found that more than 50% of physicians recommend acupuncture to their patients along with herbal supplements and other alternative therapies.

Recent studies suggest acupressure treatments can have even greater benefits for children due to their abundance of qi energy. Children and young adults are able to heal much faster than adults; however, they are also more susceptible to illness. Pediatric acupressure is a holistic approach to treating childhood ailments gently and naturally.

Acupressure works with the same energy points as acupuncture, but instead of needles the doctor gently applies pressure with his hands. The treatment is safe, effective, and non-invasive.

The following conditions are commonly treated with pediatric acupressure:

  • Respiratory issues: Asthma, allergies, and colds
  • Digestive disorders: Stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea and reflux
  • Sleeping problems: Bed-wetting, insomnia, and lethargy
  • Constitutional issues: Hyperactivity, learning disorders such as ADHD, and anxiety
  • Teenage ailments: Acne, PMS, sports injuries and depression
  • Skin problems: Eczema, Psoriasis, and Chicken Pox

If your child or teenager is experiencing these or other ailments, consider scheduling an acupressure session. Treatments will eliminate most symptoms while simultaneously treating the underlying energy imbalance.